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About: Carol Pulitzer


I grew up in food obsessed New Orleans, attended The Boston Museum School and The New York Restaurant School. Food and Art. I’m extremely short which accounts for my Napoleon complex. I write and illustrate super-short stories and hope one day to publish them into a fat little book called LITTLE THEATRE.

I feel lucky to be living at a time where I can connect with the world digitally.

I am crazy for pugs but allergic so i have to be content with painting them or scaring pug owners walking their dogs with my enthusiasm.


  1. Daniel Pulitzer Robinowitz permalink

    I remember you as a little girl who grew up with a cute pug that grunted all the time. Your “big smile” and “cute personality” set you apart from our million other cousins. Great memories form Vendome Place and Covington too. Much love, Daniel

  2. Hi, CP!
    We met at the community table in Cafe Beignet on Royal the last week of June, though I don’t believe we ever introduced ourselves. I finally got around to cleaning out my purse this past weekend, separating the business cards from the receipts from the little mementoes and I found the slip of paper with your WordPress address. I remember you said this was a new concept you were working on, the telling of short stories with pictures via a blog rather than a more traditional form of storytelling. After reading your stories with their pictures, I have to agree: it’s a great idea! f you don’t mind, I’m going to post it over on my Facebook page; librarians love ideas like this! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for sharing your site with me and thank you again for sitting with us that morning.
    With admiration,
    Erica Olivier

    • Hi Erica,
      I never was able to connect to your Facebook page. If you see this I hope you’ll friend me so I can view what’s up at the library. thanks, cp

  3. wow….what a wonderful place to catch up with the past!!!

  4. Jill Kantrow permalink

    Welcome home-Gene Goldring was so dear to share with me your article-loved reading it-and many of your other expressions and feelings via your art and writings-wishing you all good with your new venture- We are in Nola often as we have 2 of our 6 children living in the city-lmaybe we can get together -xo jill Kantrow

  5. Amazing design and I like it. Admiring the time and effort you put into your article and detailed information you offer.

  6. David Gontar permalink

    Dear Carol Pulitzer:
    I believe I met you in New Orleans uptown in 1969 with Aaron Reibstein. You had a Cadillac auto, and everyone enjoyed a pleasant afternoon. Is that not correct? I am glad to see you are well and happy. Best wishes, David Gontar

    • Sounds like me David. Did you live in Berkeley? Wonderful how we can all show up for each other 50 yrs later!

  7. Hi Carol,
    Happy Birthday.

  8. So glad to find this link.

  9. Hi There!

    There used to be a product called AllerPet which had a dog & cat version.

    A friend who was alleegic to cats was able to marry the woman he loved by using the cat version on her cats!

    By the way, we are devoted Tandoori Chicken restaurant customers, since decades ago when they were in the Elmwood Food Court (ain’t dere no more).

    Loved your Saffron article.

    Lucky artist w/5 dogs,
    New Orleans Impressions

    • Hi Pamela, I’m just now seeing your comment! Thank you for the allergy info and for reading the Saffron article. Will have to check out, sounds interesting.
      yes you are lucky to have the love of 5 dogs!

  10. Daniel Robinowitz permalink

    The entire male population loves beautiful petite ladies like you! Carol is truly a one-of-a-kind nevou woman with a great personality and sense of humor. Many say that the sun rises when Carol wakes-up each morning.

    Love ya,

  11. Hi Carol,

    I tried the blog thang a few years back and petered out…as is my wont. Hope you stick with it.

    Sharon Dunn Dinkins Dymond

    • I haven’t done much on the blog since I started writing for nolavie but will in the future, just bought a new URL even so I can transfer everything over. AT a residency right this moment in Washington State working on Little Theater so I can get the damn thing born already, 30 years is quite a gestation period! Hope you’re doing great. Are you in ABita? I keep threatening myself to move to the N Shore so I can see the stars and trees and open my windows at least which can’t be done at Blue Plate. If they did open imagine the junk air that would fly in especially now that they’re building on the site of the old toy store right outside my windows on Washington and Jeff Davis! And a ruined view in the bargain too.

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