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From the Studio Of: Hayley Gaberlavage

June 7, 2013

I’ve started a series of posts on artists in and around New Orleans; not about the theoretical stuff, more the nuts and bolts that answer the question “How’d she DO that”? So they cover the artist PROCESS, their studios and tools, how they store things, when they work, lots of photos of their work and their workplaces. Plus any interesting tidbits about them personally under the category of SERENDIPITY. A new post will be published on NOLAVIE.COM every other Friday and I’ll post them here as well. Thanks for visiting. Artist recommendations welcome.

FATSO 6 sent to Renee_Haley Gaberlavage

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  1. Daniel Robinowitz permalink

    Very cool & interesting, Daniel

    Dan Robinowitz

    • Hey Cuz, thank you. A new one comes out tomorrow on
      My Nick comes to town Sunday; we’re going to spend a few days with ACP and Sandra in Folsom cooking,
      doing art, swimming. Wish you were here.

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