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Mrs. Mayer’s Cookies

August 7, 2011


Mrs Mayer took care of herself and her family by baking her Viennese family cookie recipes and selling them first for Bar Mitzvahs, then for parties, then for weddings, and finally to Pepperidge Farm.

But back in the early days my mother, a fabulous cook and baker herself, was one of her best customers. For 25 years mom begged for the recipe. One afternoon, just before the Pepperidge Farm news broke, Mrs Mayer invited my mother over for coffee.

Mrs Mayer’s Pecan Cookies
Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Beat 4 small egg whites with a pinch of salt until fluffy. Add vanilla extract, then turn beater speed down to medium and keep beating, adding one and a fourth cups of sugar till firm. Set aside some of the beaten whites in case you need to loosen the mixture later.

Add one pound of pecans, (preferably ground by a hand grinder instead of a food processor!) Add to egg whites until you have the right consistency. This is the tricky part; this is a grandmother’s recipe, not specific. What you want is for the mixture to hold together but not be so loose it doesn’t firm up. You’ll just have to experiment. Roll into balls about an inch or so and drop into a bowl of sugar to coat. Place on baking sheet and press a little pecan piece into the center.

Bake about 10 minutes. They should look cracked on top.

p.s. This story is true, but only at its core. I called Mrs Mayer’s son, advertising maestro, Peter Mayer, to get his ok and he said “You have my mothers pecan cookie recipe??!! I’ve only got her schnecken recipe!”

One Comment
  1. Gene permalink

    Love it ! Peter gave me the schnecken recipe, afterwhich the pounds of burning butter in the oven almost burned the house down, but I never knew about these cookies ! Will try very soon, gg

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