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Lacy Bug

July 5, 2011

Larry from very northern California, pudgy hands but strong from working so long in metal, tarnished too, nearly copper. His lacy VW Bug proclaimed his skill.

When I saw the bug parked on Main street in Poblanes in front of The Welcome Inn I grabbed my camera and parked. Larry came roaring out as I began to shoot. I think he probably waited for people like me so he could relieve his pressure. There was no peace to be made so I asked where I might find a good tuna sandwich.  That let the air out of his anger and he brightly said, “Come on in, you can’t beat the Welcome”.

Larry was drunk as he always was this time of day, so I ate, he talked, mostly about iron working but also about Mexico where he’d learned his trade and love for Tequila. I asked if I could get one good shot of the car and he was drunk enough to say yes. Then he got quiet, kind of slumped in the booth, closed his eyes. I didn’t know if he’d died or gone to sleep but was happy to learn he’d just passed out when a couple of months later I thumbed through an Art In America to see a story titled “The New Wave; Wavey Art; Straight Lines Need Not Apply” along with a photo of Larry’s bug in all its curlicued glory, no Larry of course. I laughed out loud thinking of East Coast art establishment types trying to deal with my buffalo pal.



Photo by Dennis Bayer, stem cell transplant miracle on wheels, Endurance Cyclist for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team In Training and proud driver of 1953 Citroen Traction Avant.

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